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57 Woodland Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2HZ

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Teaching Practice

Woodland Road Surgery is an active teaching practice and as a team we are firmly committed to the development of the clinicians and support staff of the future.

Medical Students

As present we are teaching medical students from year one through to year four.  During term time students are in the practice every day except Monday with four of our GP’s teaching one year group each –

Year one – Dr Gupta

Year two – Dr Shevket

Year three – Dr Allen

Year four – Dr Ongley

In order to achieve a successful placement with us each student must see a variety of different patients with varying medical conditions.  From time to time you may be asked if you will consent to a student taking or sitting in your consultation or you may be called directly because of a condition you have.  For some groups they need to follow a patient or family for a number of weeks throughout their placement, we appreciate for some of you this is quite a commitment but we ask that wherever you are able please help our students.  As a team we are always grateful to any patient who supports the students, after all they are the Dr’s of the future.

GP Registrar

With us for a period of six months or one year, the registrar is a fully qualified Dr who is in their final year of training to be a GP.  As a fully qualified Dr the registrar is able to see and treat you in exactly the same way as any of our own GP’s, but as well as seeing patients they are receiving ongoing support and tuition to make the transition to fully fledged GP.

Practice Nursing

Whilst we do not train undergraduate nurses we are a practice that will employ qualified nurses who are new to practice nursing.  We work with them to identify existing transferable skills and then develop an ongoing package of support and training that enables them to become skilled practice nurses, which is an exceptionally broad role compared to many other areas of nursing.


As a practice we are committed to the development of healthcare support staff.  We are in the process of supporting one of our receptionists to train as a HCA.  We also offer staff to train in specific aspects of healthcare such as phlebotomy.

Management and Administrators

We have employed several new staff as apprentices in recent years and all of them have stayed with us in roles such as receptionists or secretary.  Training is always available for existing staff who wish to develop their knowledge and skills, for example our recently appointed Assistant Practice Management has already achieved one management qualification and is now looking to embark on higher levels of qualification as she develops her leadership role.


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